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About me...

I live in North Wales with my partner, Cat. We share the house with our cat, Pan. My son is grown up and now lives in Sheffield.

I studied anthropology and philosophy at university, went on to work in a workers’ cooperative for a few years, spent a number of years exploring spirituality and the radical psychotherapy movement, spent five years working in a hospital teaching sign language, and then became self employed as a therapist in the early 1980s. Apart from a half-time job heading up a counselling training for a few years, and a number of years working part-time teaching counselling courses in local colleges, I have been self-employed in the therapy world ever since.

I first became involved in the therapy and healing movements in my late teens/early 20s. Over the years I have exported, trained and worked in various fields, including counselling, psychotherapy, and bodywork. It have found it, and still do, a rich and fascinating journey.

My interest and passion is exploring the links between modern psychotherapy and spiritual practices. My psychotherapy orientation is integrative, particularly drawing on the person-centred and body-centred approaches. My spiritual interests are also integrative, drawing on many traditions including Christian mysticism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, but in particular Shamanism and Animism (the spiritual practices of indigenous peoples). The courses I am running at the moment come under the name ‘Therapeutic Shamanism’, in that they are about exploring spiritual and psychotherapy practices which can help us heal our disconnection from the natural world. I have recently given up my 1-1 work to concentrating on teaching and on writing a series of books exploring this.

In terms of the spiritual aspect of the courses, they are non-denominational and ‘inter-faith’. They are open to anyone who is tolerant and open-minded. My students are from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions including Christian, agnostic, atheist, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, Jain, Yogic, and many more.