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Some other good sites

Therapeutic Shamanism

Shamanism is not a religion, but a way of being. It has no priests, no hierarchies, no sacred texts, no dogma, no sects or factions, no external moral injunctions. It is based on a direct and immediate personal connection with the sacred. Therapeutic Shamanism is where shamanism and psychotherapy meet. Training courses offered at all levels, from taster days, to full practitioner training.

The Therapeutic Shamanism Practitioner Register

The register of graduates from the Three Ravens College’s own Therapeutic Shamanism practitioner training. Find a fully-trained, skilled, ethical and registered shamanic practitioner in your area. Most of the practitioners also offer distance work to. With more practitioners in training, the register continues to grow.

Sarah Garton

Sarah is a highly  qualified, registered and insured Nutritional Therapist (and a student on the Three Raven’s shamanic practitioner training). She runs nutritional clinics in various locations covering the North-West, Midlands and East Riding of Yorkshire. Trainee Therapeutic Shamanism practitioner.


Soul Deep Healing is collaboration between Valerie Shipp and Peter Thompson. Offering acupuncture, counselling, massage and zero balancing/acupressure. Every course of healing is tailor made to suit your body and personality type - and your budget! Based in north Cumbria.

Chris Holt

A Therapeutic Shamanism practitioner and a member of the Three Ravens College core teaching team. Offers face-to-face shamanic and online shamanic healing. Based in Liverpool, U.K.

Jayne Birkett

Registered therapeutic shamanism practitioner and homeopath, based in Cumbria. Face-to-face and distance work. Runs Introduction to Shamanism workshops for the Three Ravens College. Teaches at the Homeopathy College in Scotland.

Lisa Hardi

Holistic therapist offering reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy in Handbridge, Chester. Currently training in therapeutic shamanism with the Three Ravens College.

Paul Connery

Shamanic Practitioner and graduate of the Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.  Offers in-person and distance shamanic sessions, to help people reconnect with their power and heal past wounds, whilst nurturing and developing their authenticity.

Catherine Leary

Registered therapeutic shamanism practitioner and homeopath, based in Cumbria. Face-to-face and distance work. Runs Introduction to Shamanism workshops for the Three Ravens College.

Liz McWatt

Nutritional Therapy, Homeopathy, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy in Kendal & Carlisle, Cumbria and Clitheroe, Lancashire. An experienced Practitioner with more than 15 years of successful practice with a wealth of knowledge and understanding in supporting clients with a large range of health issues. Registered Therapeutic Shamanism practitioner.

Graculus Sculptures

Michael Kusz drew the Three Ravens College logo. He makes amazing copper sculptures, including dragons and sea serpents.

Marvelous Mind Body And Spirit

Books, videos or audios on meditation, relaxation, healing, wicca, health, fitness and lots of other spiritual & well-being subjects. New titles added weekly. Plus community page.

Healthlines - the Flower Essence People

At Healthlines we import, distribute, use, prescribe, teach and make essences; in fact, we’re passionate about them. Healthlines is a partnership of professional natural health therapists using essences to great effect to support our clients. Our purpose is to facilitate their availability and to ensure the growth of this divine transformational gift. We can usually post them to you on the day we receive your order. Practitioner enquiries welcome.

The Bushy Tail Remedy Company

An ethical company stocking an extensive range of the finest herbal medicines, natural skin care, and aromatherapy products. Also stock a wide range of water purifiers, juicers, sprouters and healthy living books. Bushy Tail sell the Integrative Range of Herbal Formulae.

Indie Shaman

A UK-based organisation offering support and information on shamanism and on living a shamanic lifestyle. Publishes a shamanic magazine, and has a free web-forum.